Sistem Mold and Plastic Industry has founded in 1982 in Bayrampasa, Istanbul. With the increasing demond and volume, the factory moved to Dogu Industrial Area in 1993. Sistem has the capacity of producing 15 molds per mont. The factory can produce injection products from 2 grams to 1.500 grams and blowing products from 50 ml to 10.000 ml.

Sistem Mold, with over 35 years of molding experience, has produce various kinds of molds. They vory from cup molds to bucket molds, medicel tupe molds to phorestetic legs molds, FMCG molds to to disposable product molds and soon.

In order to produce molds, bottles, bucket and caps for food producers, Sistem Mold and Plastic Industry took the certifikate for food contact products, in 2011.

The factory are also able to produce special machines depending on customer needs. Hanger hook machines, special cutting and closing machines, medicel gloves cutting machines are some examples.

Modeling / design-molding-final product is produced under the same roof. Continuous growth of our company and customer satisfaction can be monitored easily from the market.